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Expanding Your Reach with a Virtual Consultant

Ok, I get it. There’s nothing better than talking to a new client over a cup of coffee, looking them in the eyes and making sure that they are sincere. There is something magical about the connection that two individuals have when it comes to understanding each other – even in business. 

And, I also get it. Working with an office helps you to keep track of what others are doing, get to know the work styles of others and to continue to move forward with different tasks. 

These are definite advantages of working with someone physically and having access to what you need to reach success. It’s worked for hundreds of years and it can (and should) work now. 

Unfortunately, we are living in a very different space and time that requires alternatives to reach success. I’ve heard the same stories from corporations and entrepreneurs – business must be done differently. 

Top 5 Benefits of Working with a Virtual Consultant

Next time you think that the cup of coffee or the game of golf is the get all for determining relationships and partnerships with others, think about these benefits of going virtually:

1. Global Human Resources. The access you have in your near vicinity of 50 miles or less means that you get people that have either moved there or have a similar knowledge base that you do – unless they went to a huge college and then returned. When you go to a virtual consultant, you are expanding to an endless pool of Human Resources. You can tap into knowledge that you never expected and that has angles you never thought of. 

2. Reinventing Time and Money. Yes, the cup of coffee is nice. Until you are late for another meeting, have another appointment or are stuck in traffic. Then, the management becomes difficult. I’ve found that every time I go into a “city grid” to work, I lose time. Hours of it. Instead of just connecting with the click of a button, I’m connecting by running. And that means time. As a result, I never get as much completed. A virtual consultant is going to turn that table so you don’t have the time constraints. 

3. Perspectives for Expansion. I know from my own travels that whenever you reach out to a new territory, you get a different perspective. That ultimately changes your products and services as well as how you relate to what you are doing. Why not use a virtual consultant who is in a completely different location just to receive perspective on how your audience might respond there? The more you break down territories, the easier it is to expand. There are many who will use several consultants from different places, just to get insight and knowledge about their venture so they can make the right decisions. 

4. Connect Differently. There’s a myth about technology that is out: it creates disconnection to the community. Which is absolutely true. I constantly see people walking around and running into each other because they are on their phones and don’t know what’s happening. But to every side there is a reversal. When we use technology differently, we are expanding our connections. I’ve met my closest business associates and sometimes friends through things like a virtual consultant session. Technology isn’t the boundary – the mind is. Each consultant you decide to work with is someone in your network that you can continue to connect to over time.

5. Grow Faster. Every business that is in a growth stage will look at advice, mentors or individuals who have already reached success. This way, they can grow faster, further. And as they do so, it helps them to find solutions. When you work with a virtual consultant, you set yourself up for a win. I’ve seen people that call someone on the phone and in 10 minutes have answers to road blocks they were facing. If you really want to accelerate your growth, then this is a definite to get the results you want. 

But There Are Pitfalls to a Virtual Consultant

Don’t get me wrong – the advancements that have been made with technology are exponential in the last 20 years. And, on the other side, there are pitfalls to it that apply to working with a virtual consultant and the missing human touch. 

There have been many instances where I have been in a virtual situation and the information is not conveyed clearly, something gets lost or someone wonders what I’m actually doing. There are other times when the consulting is missing the mark because of the presence that is no longer a part of the physical dynamics. 

Does this mean you shouldn’t use a virtual consultant?

Well, if you are afraid of jumping out of the box, then don’t take that chance. But the way I see it, there are many more benefits than there are pitfalls. 

And, it’s easy to change the pattern of technology to work with a virtual consultant. It’s simple…

Give information. share your insights, be open and talk to the consultant as if they knew you. When you have this openness, it creates a process and trust that allows you to get past the screen and into the business presence that you are looking at building. 

It’s important to use technology and not to rely on technology. In many positions where I was a virtual consultant, the issue was because the technology was supposed to take care of hefty decisions or processes that were being used. It ultimately always led to a downfall in communication and problems with the processes that were being used. 

Using your own personal system with a virtual consultant is just as important as using the technology to get to that individual. This will help you with the results that you want to get. 

It Can Be Done Remotely

I’ve seen a lot of companies ping pong with the idea of remote. Some will put their toe in the water and give you location options within a specific radius. Most just flat out say no. 

The reality is, when most individuals go to an office, they sit at a desk and work on their computer. At most, they will go to a meeting or work with a team (semi-independently) to get certain things done. To me, this is a sign that work culture and being in the office isn’t a factor when it comes to work. 

For certain tasks, such as a virtual consultant, there isn’t the need to show the details of the company or to have someone in the environment. Someone who knows what they are talking about and which has the knowledge and dynamics can help you to build your business without ever stepping in the office or meeting you. They will be able to “size up” what you need simply through communication. 

When you work remotely, you save and expand at the same time. It’s a complete formula that allows you to drive your business forward. A virtual consultant is a simple step that showcases the ability to use remote tactics to help you build your business differently. 

Getting perspective means you need to go outside of the box and expand your reach. A virtual consultant is one way to take these steps of faith and to find the solutions you want and need for your business. 


You guessed it! I work as a virtual consultant. 🙂 Let me know where you are at with your business and I’ll give you my insight as well as solutions that help you to drive your business forward. 

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